Early Barra camping trip

Well jay and i are heading up to a good ol camp spot this weekend for a crack at some barra, althought the weather has been a bit cooler the last few days so i am a bit suss.  Will be good fun anyway and i will post some photos regardless, no doubt of jay holding a barra (hopefully he will let me hold it for a photo)
Anyway wish us some luck!
Might just be us jay, would be good anyway at least we could hike over and work some of those other holes and feeders

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Good luck, boys!

Tue, 2007-09-18 07:41

All the best mate, hopefully it will be a sure firing day out at the camping spot! Take care and have fun.

My reels screaming zzzzzzz.... awwww damn it, its another boat!

All the best for the future fishing trips.
Cheers.... Jangles

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Yeah it has cooled down a

Tue, 2007-09-18 17:34

Yeah it has cooled down a bit since it first warmed up at the beginning of this month.

Weather outlook is positive though with 34 degrees forecasted on Friday and Saturday with 18 degree minimums, about 5 degrees higher than last weekend (it struggled getting over 29 on the weekend and reached 14 overnight).

Neap tides should allow the sun to warm it up a bit, with not as much colder water getting pushed in from the ocean.

Fingers crossed Brad, either way I'll have fun. If I've been catching barra where I took you on Sunday I'm confident we'll get some this weekend.


Can't wait.

Jay Burgess

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The daily summaries shows

Tue, 2007-09-18 17:49

The daily summaries shows the temprature drop.

Daily Summaries

Take a look at the beginning of this month, 33, 36.7, 33, 33.8...  and compared with the past week...

... 28, 30, 28, 28, 30.

But as I said, it is expected to warm up by the end of this week

The day I got three barra at that spot Brad, was the 2nd of this month, the day we got 36.7 degrees.

Jay Burgess

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Yeah good luck

Tue, 2007-09-18 18:24

Yeah good luck boys!

Hopefully the weather holds up and you get into a few.

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Coming up

Tue, 2007-09-18 20:09

Im coming up for a trip in two weeks boys ,only going a little past Hedland before I run down the coast.I think Frizza and Mitch are catching up in Onslow for a fish ,I will try and use some of my favorite old spots from my Hedland days for the week Im around there.Hopefully it will be warm enough by then to stir them up.



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