crewie for 1/2 a day

looking for a crewie tomorrow for a salmon troll,leaving hillarys at 8am,trolloing around scabs,back by lunch unless its going off!caGraeme 0401896848


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id love to but ive got

Sat, 2008-04-12 22:18

id love to but ive got another fishing agenda on tomorow------ fishing around burswood......... contact (pm) me if your looking for one over the next few weeks


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Sat, 2008-04-12 22:23

Hey Big Fella - Cant do tomorrow but I am off until the 24th - Lets sort out a day to track the Salmon down, even if we have to hit rotto - have got a new boat to put some hours on. I will call u.


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Mon, 2008-04-14 12:35

Fast fish rule!
Hopefully trying rotto with big John tomorrow,be a change for him to catch southern fish types


all aggressive fish love bigjohnsjigs

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Now that would be the day to

Mon, 2008-04-14 13:37

Now that would be the day to go out Laughing. Good luck catching some stuff, and keep us updated on what you end up catching. I dont know if perth waters are going to be up to scratch for someone used to fishing in onlsow though.

(oh, and if theres room for three, let me know, but I dont want to intrude Wink)





Always interested in someone to go fishing with