Big Dhuie Vs. Little Dhuie

just wondering if u guys think theres any taste difference between a big dhuie (15-20kg) and a small/medium dhuie (up to 8kg). ive only eaten 4-6kg dhuies and i love em.
also do they freeze well? only ever eaten them fresh!





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Um IMO they are alittle

Tue, 2007-08-07 16:35

Um IMO they are alittle sweeter in the smaller range like pinkies are. I still choice to keep the larger ones due to the amount of fillets you can get off them. One 10 to 15kg dhiue myself and my misses can get 4 feeds from it! The larger they are the easier they are to fillet as well IMO and wastage is minimal and the wings and backbone can be cooked up on the bbq for a nice snack. Havent got one for nearly 6months now though :)

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Tue, 2007-08-07 16:40

Mate I can't comment on the big dhui taste as the biggest that I have caught yet is around the 7-8kg mark.But they do store well in the freezer.Just a few tips on how to keep them flesh tasting at its best  is 1 if you have a vacume sealer use it as it really does keep your fish in pristine condition.
2 I prefer to fillet my fish and skin the fillets.Once you have skinned the fillets don't wash them just put them straight into a freezer bag (yep even covered in the slime,etc from the fish) ensuring that as much air is squeezed out of the bag as possible.By doing this I have found that the flesh keeps better and for longer in the freezer while keeping the great flavour of the fish as much a possible.

3 when it comes time to eat the fish just thaw it out cut the filets into whatever size you want and wash in salty water or seawater no fresh water.This will also help to keep the flesh in its best condition.

By following the above I have found little difference in the eating quality of the frozen fish to fresh.

Hope to have helped

Cheers OX

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cheers for that OX...must

Tue, 2007-08-07 16:59

cheers for that OX...must buy myself one of those vac pac machines! bloody good idea i reckon

thats what i thought spess...i think in most species the smaller the sweeter taste!





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Like most fish the litle one

Tue, 2007-08-07 17:34

Like most fish the litle one are better. The real big ones do get a little tougher but if you keep the fillets thin they are fine. I find that they freeze really well also. Way better than snapper for example.

Heres a good tip for those thicker fillets. Cut up into chunks say 20/25mm square. Breadcrumb and fry until golden brown. Takes about a minute not much more. The breadcrumb coating holds in the miosture and steam cooks the fish after removing from the hot oil.
A plate full of fish nuggets and a salad'n'chips. Yum.
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