After the Storm turns Pink

Following the successful re-launch of the Hornet (see:, I needed to continue my part of the deal whereby I had to teach the “expert repairer” the techniques YPM and I have learned to catch the awesome WA pinks over the recent winter.  I have had the most success when the water is still a bit “dirty” following storm events and has planned tonight from a week or so out.  It seems a fairly regular pattern that after the fronts pass through it calms right down for a couple of days and once the swell drops to “safe” size, a trip out is really worth a shot.

Over the stormy period we added a few more upgrades, particularly the enhancement of the Minn Kota longevity by the addition of another battery to take “spot lock” duration above 6 hours on maximum draw.  We also found another small leak through the deterioration of a plastic live bait tank fitting that was also fixed.  There was also some corrosion of the tilt switch controls on the E-tech that also had to be fixed.  All were desired or minor maintenance items and the Hornet is in really good shape now, thanks largely to the great job done by Dean.

The plan was to head out at 4pm from Hillarys for the pinking hour.  The “Perth Pilchard Shortage” meant a bit of work to find the baits but we managed.  Unfortunately, YPM couldn’t come due to his footy team making the Granny this Sunday and he couldn’t miss training.  We arrived at our spot about 4.45pm, out with the home made burley in really nice conditions.

The first experience was the sounder “lighting up” with something really really big?  A couple of minutes later two whales surfaced near the boat and we were really pleased that we had Minn and no anchor lines in the water.  They were really close and I guess came to have a look at what we were.  People pay a lot of money to whale watch so I suppose we were privileged.

The burley started to work and on came the fish.  We caught some by-catch with a huge Sargent Baker, some Morwong, Skippy, and 20 minutes later a couple of legal dhu.  Not huge dhu but good quality, and eating, for a near-shore spot.  And then came the pinks, and more small dhu.

There is nothing like a good pink run in the late afternoon.  With the 2 dhu we could only keep a couple of pinks.  We were lucky that it was “all happening” so we could choose the ones we kept.  A 690mm and a 670mm went in the tank and we released a couple of 630-650s, after photos (below).  Unfortunately, I lost one that spat the hooks which was probably 7kg+ but that’s the way it goes.

It really doesn’t get much better than that and to keep my end of the “bargain” is quite satisfying.  My mates over east still can’t believe how good the pinks are over here.



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Top effort some great looking

Thu, 2014-09-11 22:52

Top effort some great looking fish there, really got this snapper caper down pat!

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Hah, Dean's mug is on FW now,

Thu, 2014-09-11 23:02

Hah, Dean's mug is on FW now, he has to join and share some of his GP footage. Plenty of pinks gettn caught you know where, but good seein you boys doin well elsewhere. Maybe try the seafood suppliers, better quality mulies (fit for human consumtion) and same price as block slop pillys bout 4.50 a kg


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Thu, 2014-09-11 23:11

Good to see you have it wired Mick, well done yet again!



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Wanneroo markets

Fri, 2014-09-12 05:18

 Sardines....very good, $10. For 2kg. IQF etc best I have seen.

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Nice arvo Mick

Fri, 2014-09-12 18:16

Glad your boat is all welded up and good to go. Must have given you a shock when you pulled that flooring up to see the broken welds...


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