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Hey all


Well it was a very last minute decision to leave thursday night fish for 3 days and come back sunday night. Now i have never been to the islands and really don't know what to expect. We plan to do a fair bit of light jigging but i also know they catch plenty of BIG wahoo which is deffinatly on the to do list. We are planning on staying on the boat for 2-3 nights, anybody know of some safe anchorages?


Also is it worth bringing a slightly heavier casting outfit say PE6ish?

How far from mainland in the islands?

is it best to head north looking for ground or head south?


If anybody can give me a few pointers that would be greatly appreciated.




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Hey LukeIf I was keen on the

Wed, 2011-04-20 06:10

Hey Luke

If I was keen on the bigger wahoo (and there should be some YFT there too) I'd hanging around the southern group which is the closest to Gero at 31nm. The Wallabi's are about 45nm. Leave the PE6 caster at home, there isn't much there you'll need that for. Heaps of sheltered spots to camp at but as far as I'm aware you're not allowed to get out on any of the islands. I'd be looking around the southern end of the Pelsaert Group for the pelagics- we've caught wahoo, mackies, YT kingies etc there plus all the demersals. For the light jigging there is heaps of ground, we have found the smaller fluff on the sounder fishes pretty well for dhuies and trout, both in between the islands and outside.

Hope the weather's good.

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 also chuck in a lighter

Wed, 2011-04-20 06:11

 also chuck in a lighter casting outfit, say PE4 for the pelagic surface action

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We do it yearly

Wed, 2011-04-20 07:16

Honestly if your doing it during season (Like now) then you will find it far easier to find cover in the middle group the best mooring from the southerlies we found was at 28.41.535S 113.50.101E there is some great baldie action directly north both in the islands and just outside we got onto a school of snapper that would have to have been thousands of fish this was on a bommie that was close to 28.40.213S 113.50.061E. There were spanyards and wahoo patrolling the reef we were moored on and at night we had a blast playing with the sharks (big bronzies follow the channel of roland passage. Be warned though Leo island and Tapani island are in a reserve so there is limited fishing to the east of the mooring. All along the back of Suomi island we found that there were massive trout just waiting for someone to come close enough to feed them a bait. (we did this mainly freediving as the breakers are not nice to boats).


Good luck, One warning I would give you is watch the break and only take marked passages... The AB's are notorious for whiping out unsuspecting boats, and just because a cray boat can go there doesnt mean you can....they run a lot of jet boats to run over the reefs....not trying to treat anyone like an idiot I have just seen a few people in some bad positions over there from following jet boats into the reef.

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cool thanks guys, definailty

Wed, 2011-04-20 08:47

cool thanks guys, definailty going to take alot of caution around the reefs ect.

hopefully we can find some good fishing. Im sure we are going to be doing plenty of exploring and find some good ground


iv got he PE4 outfit packed and ready for action tim!




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Hi Luke,Just curious to know

Mon, 2011-05-09 19:04

Hi Luke,

Just curious to know what your PE4 casting outfit is? I may be in the market in a few months before we head up to Onslow in September. Want to be able to cast decent sized poppers for GT's and other pelagics but dont want anything too heavy.

Cheers :)

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Cray floats

Wed, 2011-04-20 09:12

 Watch out for them they are everywhere and they are all running long ropes. 


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Wed, 2011-04-20 17:07

Hey Luke I'm heading over to the southern group this Friday if the weather forecast is right, so I might see ya over there if I do I'll come say gday and have a chat..

Send me a pm if ya after anymore info mate.. 



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If you chance across a Large

Thu, 2011-04-21 13:10

If you chance across a Large Great White with a bent dorsal fin, be sure to say hello and pat her head - she's really friendly.........