1st day of cray season

Today as you know is the first day of cray season.

Did any one go out today? and how did you go?

Can't wait till Saturday to jump in and have a swim.

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 Took the Dingo out for a

Thu, 2012-11-15 15:45

 Took the Dingo out for a swim, I only saw two in around an hour but they were solid red's. Was quite surgy and the vis wasnt great which i think sent the crays a bit deeper in their holes. Was a good study break tho, and cant complain with fresh roaches for lunch. 

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Looks good Milsey, my mouth

Thu, 2012-11-15 15:55

Looks good Milsey, my mouth is watering.

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Put the pots in Today

Thu, 2012-11-15 16:05

Put the pots in Today and will pull them Saturday, cant wait for a fresh feed..

May even jump in for a look since it has been a bit quite on the shark front for a while.. lol


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