1kw transducer m260

 Hey guys ,

I'm new to fishwrecked and want to know if anyone out there has 1kw in hull tranny . I have a 6.2 Kevlacat and want to shoot to 300m ,will the airmar m260 do the trick in my hull. I have a FCV 582L will i need a booster to run it.

Any feed back would be great 


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 I've got the M260 on my

Mon, 2011-05-30 06:08

 I've got the M260 on my Furuno 585 and reads 300m easily. Well worth the bucks I reckon. Mine's a  in hull in a mono hull. Can't help with the booster or matching box though. 

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1kw transducer

Mon, 2011-05-30 19:48

 Hey Tim

Thanks for the info ,i hope i can hook up my 582l to a 1kw tran or i'll have to buy bigger unit. I want to go wide and get some puka .

Cheers Wayne

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582l is only a 600w unit

Mon, 2011-05-30 20:34

 You will get an increase in performance based on the phsyical size of the unit having more surface but wont get the power gain. I have 582 on my 650 haines and can read bottom in 300 but not when moving.. Only on the drift.. and not good detail. I can still see bottom in 500 meters, but thats with a 600 watt trani and not thru hull.

As for the 6.2 kevlacat, thats my other boat, and I have just fitted a thru hull to that. Have you had a look in the hull? There is a keel frame that runs central up the pontoon. I had to used a wet box to get my transducer to fit but it is a lot bigger than yours, 3 KW. I had to cut a hole in the deck to fit it. But it works fine. The cat get a lots of turbulance under the pontoons at speed so wont hold a pic when going fast or in rough water. 



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1 kw tranny

Tue, 2011-05-31 20:53

Hey Noha,

Cheers for your input,

Inside my hull there is that keel frame that runs central up the pontoon but i recon i could fit the m260 in there.

From what i can gather you can cut the wet box on the angle to fit it above the keel frame.Sounds like my biggest prob is the power of the unit.Might have to buy a bigger one.

On a diff note How do you like your 6.2 kevlacat. I've only had mine a couple of months and still getting use to it,always had mono's.

Very smooth ride at speed, just have to work out the best angles to the waves to drive it at.I heard never drive side on to big swell or big chop as you can roll them.


Cheers Wayne

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we have had ours in some rough

Wed, 2011-06-01 06:43

weather and so far its the best handling cat i have been on . the only bad point is heading directly into to chop if you go slow you get a bit of tunnel slap but if you sit on 25/28knots it just glides over anything ,havent had the bow dig in down a wave yet and i was out in a 3 m swell blowing 20 knots the other day and sat on 50 kmh all the way home , side on have no problems , some cats dont like the swell pushing from behind but have found ours rides fine dosnt get pushed around at all, the only other thing is when drifting you can get a bit of rockn rol if your 90 degrees to the swell so we set our drift anchor of the back corner and full lock the motors to the rihgt so the drift is at 45 degres and the she is stable as

had a hart attack last week when we put it on the way bridge , it came in at 3.6 tonne full of fuel ,so check the rating on your trailer as ours is only 3 tonne rating 

what size motors do you have on your cat

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Fri, 2011-06-03 13:20

 Hi scottnofish

Will try to get a pick  on this site if i can work it out.my boat has twin 115 merc 4 bangers crusies at 20 knot doing about 3500 rpm..

Dont have much time this weekend to send you much of a reply but would love to pick your brains about your cat and how to get the best ride out of it.


Cheers Wayne